Poll for Area Based Development

Your participation matters even more now in making Kota a best-in-class and all-inclusive smart city.

We, the citizens along with Kota Nagar Nigam and the city’s various public, private, civic and social entities now have an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate towards smart development of our city. The Smart Cities Mission is a platform to bring us together in order to ensure that Kota makes it to the final cut – that is, in the second  list of 40 Smart Cities that will be selected by end of 2016. Active contribution by each of us will change the future of Kota.

Your continued participation will help in successful completion of Kota’s mission and enable the city to give its best in the challenge. Your vision for sustainable and inclusive development will ensure that we arrive at the best Area Based solution.

You can participate in selection of Area based Proposal selection by visiting following link




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