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Kota city, located in the south eastern region of Rajasthan, sprawls on the eastern banks of Chambal, the perennial river of Rajasthan. The city is at the cusp of radical urban transformation. It crossed the 10 lakh population mark in 2011 and is currently the third most populous city in Rajasthan. The city is dotted with magnificent monuments and havelis adorned with frescoes as well as number of hi-tech industrial units.

Kota is widely known for its Kota stone, Kota sarees and Kota kachoris amongst locals as well as tourists from across India. It also boasts of one of the largest fertilizer plant in Asia, precision unit and atomic power station. More recently, Kota has been in the limelight for laying the foundation for the careers of thousands of young minds to study at the best institutes in India – the Indian Institutes of Technology, AIIMS, etc.

In July 2014, Government of India formally announced the Smart City Scheme to build 100 smart cities across India. An April 2015 announcement detailed the selection process of cities based on a Smart Cities Challenge Competition process. Kota has been nominated as one of the four cities from Rajasthan to participate in this Challenge. The development and integration of smart initiatives in the city would be funded by the central and state government, along with locally generated funds.

In the first phase of Smart City Challenge, citizens from Kota participated generously in Smart City Proposal (SCP) preparation process. Key officials including Mr. Mahesh Vijay (Mayor), Dr. Ravikumar Surpur (Collector), Mr. Shivprasad M Nakate (CEO, Kota Nagar Nigam) and other key officials worked hard towards the selection of Kota as a top Smart City.

Now Kota Nagar Nigam is strengthening its SCP to participate in the Round II of Smart City Challenge

ICRA Management Consulting Services Limited (IMaCS) in association with NJS Engineers India Pvt  has been selected as consultants for supporting and assisting Kota Nagar Nigam in participating in Round -II of Smart City Challenge.

During the process of revision of SCP, Kota Nagar Nigam would  carry out active consultations with citizens and all key stakeholders to understand their views, collect suggestions and ideas for revision of smart city proposal. The important part is participation of citizens in online forums such as mygov and this website. We sincerely hope for a healthy participation and support from all the citizens to support Kota in its journey towards becoming a Smart City.